Monday, 3 December 2012

Little Girl Quilts

IMG_1172 (2)

Part of the joy of having two little girls is that you have the perfect excuse to pink-ify certain areas of your house.  I am so pleased I have my girls – I never felt the need to try for a boy.  I’m sure I’d have just as much fun creating boy quilts if I did have a boy, but the need has never arisen.

This is the quilt that adorns one wall of one daughter’s bedroom.  It’s a design by an Australian designer, one half of what used to be The Chook Shed.  If you know Aussie quilting, you know of The Chook Shed.  We all cut our teeth as quilters using their lovely, easy applique designs.

I think they have gone their separate ways now and are designing separately, which means we have twice as much to choose from.  But I do miss their original designs, which were so ideal for children.

Till tomorrow.



  1. That is simply adorable, you have one lucky little girl!