Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Home again, home again

Hi lovely readers.

I’ve been away for a few days, taking the girls to the wonderful city of Melbourne.

I’ve not yet unpacked or done the washing, or sorted out the digital camera, but when I do, I’ll pop back on here and share some of the things I saw.

I was thrilled to get so many comments on my last post.  I think those of us who have been on the internet a long time have seen the mighty dollar ruin a lot of good internet concepts – and there’s a lot of us who don’t want blogging to go the same way.  I don’t mind reading a blog with the occasional plug for something, and I love a good quilting review, but sometimes enough is enough. 

I love reading blogs about how people spend their crafting time, how they spent their holidays travelling.  I love reading blogs about how they are renovating their house or starting a new project.  So many of you posted that ‘Oh, I just write a silly little blog with nothing much to share’, well, can I tell you that I think they are the BEST blogs to read.  I’ve learned so much about people’s lives by blogging and reading. 

I love quilt alongs, free mystery quilts, quilt show pictures.  I love quilting product reviews.  I love hearing about your latest class you took with your group.  All of those things make life interesting.

So thanks again for posting your comments and your links.  Rest assured, as soon as the washing is done and the car unpacked, I’ll definitely settle in with a good cup of tea and go looking through the links you sent me. 

Till later,


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