Saturday 21 July 2012

Aww thanks, you guys….

Thankyou so much for your lovely comments on the Calm Blue Ocean reveal.  I’m tickled pink (or blue?) that you were so happy with it.  The quilt, my version of it, is exactly the way I had it in my head.  It’s not very often that it turns out quite so well.

So thanks again, and please keep watch for the next one.  There will definitely be a next one, I totally loved doing it.

As for Bountiful Bouquet – I know I haven’t posted the final entry yet, but I will.  It’s hanging over my head like a great, big quilt-sized anvil.  Rather than stress to much about it, I’ve decided to give myself July off and I’ll post it in the first week of August. 

I’m sorry that I didn’t stick to the schedule I’d hoped for.  As it was my first online quilt-sharing experience, I made a few mistakes and it’s taken me a little longer to get it out there to you.  So check back then and I’ll definitely be online for you.

There’s a whole heap involved in the posting of a quilt or a mystery quilt.  With the first one, the Bountiful Bouquet, I was only doing it a month in advance.  With the Calm Blue Ocean, I made the whole thing before I posted any of it.  That allowed for any hiccups, fabric disasters, sick children – you name it.  What with the children, the husband, the house – life well and truly got on top of me this past month and Bountiful Bouquet has suffered for it.

But one more posting to go and then it will be another thing crossed of my list!

Hope your weekend is going well.  This is Ballet Concert season for my first daughter, which means silly schedules to keep, hair to do, you name it.  I’d love to post a photo of her in her ballet costume.  Perhaps I will.

Anyway, till tomorrow,

Happy Quilting!



  1. I just ran on to your blog and I think I have found someone that has as many works in progress as I do! LOL! I love your Calm Blue Ocean quilt, such a wonderful use of fabrics. I have been going back over your older posts and have fell in love with all of your projects. Where did you get your pattern for the Jacob's Coat? That is one that I would love to make, but I don't know the sizes needed for it.

    Have a wonderful day!

  2. I'm not one for mystery quilts. I need to know what the final result is. However, now that I see how absolutely gorgeous your Calm Blue Ocean quilt is, I'm disappointed I didn't take part! I just may have to make it anyway :) Next time you do a mystery I will be sure to participate!