Thursday 26 May 2011

Eye Spy Quilts

I’ve always been a structured quilter.  I like things to be balanced. Wreaths to be curved and in a circle.  Borders not random, but evenly placed.  I do not like this style of quilting:

and I apologise in advance if I offend Denyse Schmidt but I’m sure my little opinion matters not so much to her.  I appreciate the quality of work and the not wanting to redo old ground, but it’s not me. 

This is me, by the way:
Totally delicious.  I adore it.
Back in 2000, I (like many readers, I assume) joined in lots of millenium swaps for 3” squares.  I had a wonderful time and met (at least in cyberspace) lots of lovely people from all over the world. 
But I could never find the right Millenium Quilt pattern, no matter how hard I tried.  They all seemed to be too … messy for want of a better word.  Not structured enough.  So I left the box of squares.  And in the great mouse-capade episode of last week (dead mouse in the ceiling, smelly dead mouse smell in the most precious room of the entire house, the sewing room), I unearthed them again.
Now I’m a more experienced quilter, I’ve realised that 3” squares are tricky little suckers to use.  But that was 11 years ago (Oh. My. God.) and I know stuff now.
Purely by chance, I was browsing on quilter blogs and found a wonderful eye spy quilt.  The eye spy quilt was another on my bucket list that one day, I’d like to start.
So in the interest of not starting any new projects till I finished the one before it…. I started a new project.
This one is so easy.  You stitch fifteen three inch square (or whatever size takes your fancy), stitch them together into five rows of five, border them with a plain homespun, and there you go:
I think that’s a fabulous idea to use up some of those three inch squares.  I do sincerely apologise for the original quilter of this design.  I tried for far too long to find your website.  I’ll happily give you credit if you let me know.
So that’s tomorrow’s job.  Let’s see how we go.

Till then, happy quilting!

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