Saturday, 19 February 2011

Hello World!

I think I may well be the very last person on the planet to start a quilting blog. 

I don't know what I aim to achieve.  I've got many things to say and to show you, yet when I sit in front of my little computer my mind goes blank.

I've been quilting for years with varying degrees of success.  I've got so much to learn, and not much time to learn it in.  I have a busy life and I am supremely unorganised with what limited time I have.  I've a lot of goals I want to achieve, and here we are, mid February and very little of them have been achieved.

So.  In a nutshell.  Here's what I want from this year.

1.  I want to blog daily.
2.  I want to keep an organised, happy home.
3.  I want to quilt daily.
4.  I want to stop starting new things, I want to finish what I start, and I want to put it away when I'm finished with it.
5.  I want to keep a regular quilt diary with photos of all my finished projects.
6.  I want to be all things to everyone and with that, I should just wave my magic wand and it shall all be. 


And I also want to rejig my designs that I once sold in a previous life, and have a fabulously clever website that you can download them from.  I just have to learn how to do that, purchase a programme like Adobe and go from there.  Shouldn't be too hard, right?


Gotta go feed the kids.



  1. Hi, Hope this works. Sent you a message on your last post, but I'm having some probs and not sure how to fix. Anyway, good luck wiht your blog, I've enjoyed visiting. I have a very intermittent blog that I have great intentions for, but my reality ends up being very different from expectation :0). Great meeting you. Anne from

    Apologies for the anonymous - trying unsuccessfully to fix that too :0/

  2. Ok - looks like I've fixed the probs. Cheers.

  3. Thankyou so much for your comments, I'm not sure exactly how to respond to them in the 'proper' way but welcome!