Monday, 30 March 2020

090 -30th March

How can it almost the end of March already?  

And how is it that so much has happened in such a short time, that although it is the end of March, it's feeling like a year has passed since the New Year?

How is everyone going?  We are now officially homeschooling our kids, which is lovely and weird and challenging all in one.  Thank God my two are old enough to do their own thing, with a bit of input by me.  I'd be really ready for alcohol by mid morning if my kids were little and I had to do it.

I've tried to establish kind of a schedule which mainly involves school work in the morning/early afternoon, and me staying quiet throughout, and then a family walk every day (this one is the most important, I can already see) and dinner together every night.

And keeping the teenager out of her room at least some of the day, otherwise she will emerge from this ordeal a fully fledged adult (she does love her own space).

My family all said 'well, at least YOUR routine won't change, Mum'....and I nodded and smiled and thought 'Oh My God, it's ALLLLL changed' but I'm the mum, and the mum has to keep the rest of the family going, right?

But we are lucky, we look for our silver linings and the best silver lining of all is that it's absolutely glorious weather and we have no reason to be inside right now, and we have a huge space we can walk in for miles and not see a person.  So I hang onto that.  And so far our sparsely populated state has remained mainly low in numbers of those having the virus.

I'm learning about myself.  I must avoid social media wherever possible.  There's some loony tunes out there, and I'm not good at dealing with loony tunes.  

So not much sewing has been happening, but I am plodding along on a few things in my sewing room.

Not much in the scheme of things.  But I'll keep plodding!

Keep your sense of humour, won't you?

Love Me xx

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