Thursday, 22 January 2015

Show And Tell - Stitching

Back in the olden days (pre children) I did a lot of cross stitch.  I haven't done it in years, though I did try a couple of years ago.  I found that my brain, post babies, didn't see to work the way it did pre babies.  I'm sure it's only a temporary problem, I'm sure when I don't have little people around so often, interrupting the flow of thought , I will be able to get the brain back into gear for that sort of work.  

With my luck, by that time my eyesight will have gone!  Ah, the joys of motherhood/growing older/ not enough time!

Once again, it's an Ipod photo so apologies.  Normal, lovely photos will resume once the children are back at school (seven days and counting).

Again, back in the olden days, I used to do a lot of cross stitch and a lot of it was the cutesey - angely type as shown above.  My tastes have changed a lot since then, and I'm not sure that I want all the cutesy stuff on show anymore.  But this one I think is sweet, it is tucked away in a quiet corner and it's just the right thing for the right spot.  

I did the framing/frill thing all by myself which I'm pretty pleased about.  I can see a couple of mistakes I made (not giving enough gathering over the bottom corners) but I can live with that.  

How are your weeks going?  Can you believe it's nearly the end of January?  Already?  Ridiculous.  I've got a couple of big events (birthday party for one daughter, shopping for the return of school) and then hopefully I shall be back in the swing of my home life.  Currently things are EVERYWHERE.  The girls have played so wonderfully all holidays, it makes my heart warm.  But, my lordy, they have made such a disaster area of the house with various cubbies and clothes out for dress ups and toys and games and legos......  I'm letting it all go (either that, or go berserk every minute at them and that's no fun) but once school gets back, I'm all set for a big, big clean up.  Don't get me wrong though, I have loved having them home, loved hearing their little voices as they play imaginative games.  I'll miss them when they go back to school.  We've all been sleeping in, eating late, no schedules - and that's just lovely.

I've also been preserving/stewing/jam making with all the various stone fruits that we have been blessed enough to have at present.  But the timing is always so hectic.  Christmas, School Holidays, Summer Fruit all seems to go together and it's difficult to try and fit it all in.  And everything- EVERYTHING- is sticky.  

So soon, counting down, things shall be back to order.


  1. Too cute and I sure understand how tastes change. LOL!! I recently picked cross stitch back up and found a pair of magnifier's that fit right over my glasses. They made all the difference in the world. It's heck getting old! ;-)

    1. I know! I'm keep forgetting I'm the age I am (which I won't reveal!!!). I keep thinking I'm still in my twenties and I get rude shocks when I realise that even the songs I grew up with are over thirty years old!

  2. I have found that my colour choices are changing! Not only what I prefer to do. Bit of a shame actually because there is a bunch of fabrics downstairs that no long appeal to me.
    So. When you get older, you just by a daylight lamp with a magnifying glass (or better still, get the daughters to buy it for you for your birthday LOL), then you can do fine cross stitch and embroidery to your hearts content.
    So nice that you have enjoyed the kids at home during the holidays. You hear so many people sighing about their kids and wishing they were back at school.

    1. Hi Dasha,

      Normally I'm READY for them to go back but this holiday we have deliberately chosen to just chill at home, my husband has taken a month off (unheard of) and he's around to, so we've really connected as a family and the girls have played so wonderfully, that I barely need to intervene. My eldest is ten and I keep thinking she'll be 'too old' to play with her little sister but so far that hasn't happened.