Monday, 19 January 2015

More Grand Illusion....

Dasha, in her comments asked me if I had tried butting the blocks up together without sashing.  I actually hadn't tried that version, so I promptly did it and took a photo to show.
It's certainly a viable option.  But whilst I love the little stars the connecting blocks make, it doesn't solve my busy-ness problem.
So...I have made an executive decision.  I will sash it with probably 2.5" white strips, and have the blue cornerstones as in my previous post.  I'm going to probably make the outer borders out of black, if I have enough.  And then I will do what Bonnie did for her original quilt for her borders.
And then I will have all it done.  As to what I will do with the remaining green checkerboard fabrics, I don't have a clue.  Perhaps I will put those away.  I'm not keen to unpick them.
That's my Grand Illusion mystery so far.  Hopefully I shall sew tomorrow.  Cross your fingers!


  1. Yep, white sashes and blue cornerstones will look good. Why don't you use the green somewhere on the back just to use it up and put on the quilt label what you have done.

  2. Hi Jude,

    Yeah, I probably will do that I think. I'm getting a little over this quilt :) You're probably sick of hearing about it.