Thursday, 16 August 2012

Lone Star Cushion

Lone Star Cushion Cropped Image

Back in the olden days, when I first was connected to the internet, I signed up for every swap possible.  I had mail going to and from the United States, from Great Britain, and all over Australia.  I was swap mad.

I soon realised that swaps weren’t all they were made up to be.  I was a beginner quilter, and after a few truly miserable swaps with people who really needed to learn better manners, I stopped swapping.  Life was too short.  I got my feelings well and truly crushed in some of those swaps.

Mostly I just got random blocks.  But every now and again, I got something just divine.

This lone star was something truly special.  I don’t even remember what I swapped with the swappee, but I know it was NOTHING as good as this.   I still feel guilty that my block would have been nothing like this beauty.

I wasn’t sure what to do with it, so I made it into a cushion.  It’s been very well used, and the pink I used as a border bled (thank you very much, eighties cotton).  But I’m very pleased with it.

So thank you, anonymous block swapper!


  1. Isn't the name of the swapper written at the bottom of the star? Looks like Karen? Simons? From Texas. Can't quite make out the town, though.

  2. That is amazing. I love the idea of swaps, but don't do them anymore as I get myself so stressed about being "good" enough in my ability to do the swap buddie justice. Plus of course my giant list of things I want / need to do on my own sort of prevents me from being tempted, lol.

  3. Oh Pirate, you've got great eyesight!

    It's true her name is on there, and I've searched the internet on the off chance that she blogs, but to no avail.

    For all I know she has stopped quilting (for any number of reasons), it was a LONNNNNNG time ago.

    Thanks for posting!


  4. Thanks Anne!

    I've got to admit, the swap bug was all pre children, and I've just not got the time to make the million of UFO'S up, much less swap like we used to.

    Though I think swaps are not so common now - isn't it funny how the internet changes over time, back in the olden days most of my quilting time was spent on the World Wide Quilting Page, I am not even sure if this is still an active website anymore.

    Thanks again for your comment!