Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Tidying up of ends (and UFO’s)

I’ve so many UFO’s.  It’s embarrassing.

I took a class YEARS ago.  I posted about it here and here :

And of course, nothing more has happened to it since then.  But a week or so ago we had an all day quilting day at our rooms and I finished the top!

Photo 17-6-18, 5 11 19 pmPhoto 17-6-18, 5 11 33 pmPhoto 17-6-18, 5 11 37 pmPhoto 17-6-18, 5 11 40 pmPhoto 17-6-18, 5 11 47 pm

So the top is done.  I’ve ordered a tin of spray baste (much as I hate the stuff I think I’m going to have to get used to it for projects like this) and then I will have to bite the bullet and quilt the thing.  I’m a little scared really, I’m not used to freehand machine quilting and I hope that I can manage it.

We shall wait and see.  Maybe I’ll baste it tomorrow.  Cross your fingers for me.

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  1. Ok, so I went back and looked at the other two posts you had linked to the Water Lilies quilt. I did smile when I saw it was only a couple of years since you began! I just finished a project that I started in 2011 - January to be exact!! Congrats on getting all that applique work done. I have no doubt that the rest will be done quickly.
    Now, I did a search trying to find the Rachelle Denenny or the Water Lilies quilt pattern and had not much luck. Can you help me out? I really love your quilt and am interested in doing one - the reflection is one of the best parts. Do you have a website, etc. that might help me? I know that joining a class in Australia would NOT work for me. lol Thanks, Silly Goose.