Tuesday, 3 July 2018

The new bed (and quilt)

I promised a few days ago to show you the new quilt on the new bed when it arrived – I try to keep my promises!

Photo 3-7-18, 12 32 43 pm

Photo 3-7-18, 12 33 00 pm

Photo 3-7-18, 12 33 09 pm

It looks very nice, though as I suspected the quilt is too small.  Oh well, I’m not making another. 

I’ve been nursing a cold for two (nearly three) weeks now and I’m feeling particularly crabby with the world.  Have you noticed that every time you open up Facebook you get flooded with judgement?  Every post is from a person judging us (me) on the amount of stash we have, the amount of quilts we make, the type of quilting we do.  It’s too greedy to make quilts for the fun of it without having a person to give it to.  It’s BAD to stitch by hand, it’s BAD to stitch by machine.  Has it always been that way or am I just annoyed a little too much with the world to be near Facebook?

I don’t know.  Interested to know your opinions.


  1. I love your bed quilt. I once made a quilt that wasn't wide enough. After it was quilted and bound (essentially done), I added prairie points to the sides. You could easily do that on this quilt, using all the different colors for the points. It would be gorgeous.

    1. Thanks, Jeri - that's a good idea.

      We do have our winter quilt on underneath it, and I think that it's going to be okay when that comes off. But it still looks pretty, I think so it'll stay.