Monday, 2 July 2018

Mosaic Quilt

We have a small quilting group that visits us every Tuesday night and have been doing so for ten years now. 

Mostly they bring some hand stitching and do their own things.  It’s a lovely, little group, we’ve seen deaths, births, engagements, moving houses, moving relatives – lots has happened over the ten years.

Sometimes they want to do something structured, a project that will take them time and so it was decided to go ahead with this quilt:


This quilt came from the very lovely Quilted Twins website which has dozens of free quilts – I urge you to check them out here.

You only need 1300 small units, nothing much at all (note heavy sarcasm) but one of our ladies very kindly cut wayyyyy more than we’ll ever need so we’ve been using them.

Photo 28-5-18, 10 40 04 am

Photo 28-5-18, 10 39 42 am

Photo 2-5-18, 9 51 58 am

It’s a messy quilt, and it’s great to just have a pile of squares that you mindlessly feed through the machine.

Photo 28-5-18, 10 39 28 am

It’s really really easy to get it all cockeyed though, and sew the wrong rows.  I had to label each one as I go (just as an aside – I’m entering .. ahem.. a certain time of life and my brain function has left me completely.  Is it just me?)

Photo 29-5-18, 12 46 23 pm

This sucker is BIG.  This is the WIDTH of the quilt. 

Photo 29-5-18, 12 46 40 pm

Photo 29-5-18, 12 46 46 pm

Photo 29-5-18, 12 47 02 pm

Photo 29-5-18, 12 47 15 pm

Photo 29-5-18, 12 47 23 pm

I think it’s going to look amazing.  Now just to find time to sit and sew!