Friday, 11 September 2015

Excuse me, I am a quilter!

My daughter's (very lovely) dance teacher was in a desperate state a few weeks ago - she needed some collars made for their upcoming dance concert and no one does dressmaking any more....

So I got a phone call.

I'm soooo not a dress maker.  I used to be, but it's a muscle that you lose when you stop doing it.  But she asked me, and was so grateful and what the hell, I can sew, why shouldn't help someone in need?  I'm a clever sewer, I've got this.  At least that was what I was thinking at the time.

I spent most of yesterday doing them, with a little help from she who knows everything about dressmaking but didn't offer to make them herself (Hi Mum!).

Tadah!  I have now made twelve collars from the slipperiest, shiniest fabric known to man.  And surprisingly, they are not awful. And surprisingly, they weren't that hard either.

I'm certainly not going to go into the dressmaking business, but I'm quietly rather chuffed with myself.  As far as dance costumes go, they look alright!  And I exercised the dressmaking muscle for another year.

I will not hem jeans however.  Or replace zips.  You go far away with those!

Have a lovely day.



  1. I made my daughter's Year 12 formal from a shiny slippery fabric and vowed never to do any more dressmaking. Slipped up a bit on that one, as I keep making stuff. LOL But I've never made another dress in satin!

  2. Yeah it's a bit of a pill really, this behaved okay but I remembered to change to the correct needle before hand. Don't have to do that with quilting!

  3. I understand that slippery satin very well . My daughter in laws mother wanted me to put the binding on a baby quilt for our then new grandson . What did she have for the binding ? Wide satin packaged satin ! It slipped and slid but I got the job done . I don't care to repeat that again .

    1. I know! Cotton is so much more civilised!