Sunday, 13 September 2015

2015 Mystery Quilt Introduction

Hello and welcome to my latest mystery quilt! I had such a good time with my last mystery quilt, I decided to do another one!  It has been an awful long time since I did the last one, but such is life!

This is an easy enough quilt with lots of piecing. If you’re a beginner, don’t feel daunted – just do each step as you can and you’ll be fine!

It’s a little hard to tell you exact requirements of fabrics, except to say that this is can be the epitomy of a scrap quilt, and you will need both lights and darks.


You can choose to make it in just three colours. In my case, I’m using blue and yellow, with a little bit of cream as the background. Still scrappy, just three colour scrappy.

There will be lots of piecing in this quilt. Lots. If you get tired, just give it a break for a day or so. But chain piecing should be your friend.

It’s all straight line piecing, and a beginner will be just fine.

My finished quilt measures 80” square. It’s easy enough to make it smaller or larger, but my instructions will give you the quilt size I’ve stated.

Each step is easy, and with instructions being released every week (approximately, as time permits) I am sure you won’t be too challenged.

Feel free to take a little break from time to time if you want to, but remember that others may be discussing their quilt around the traps and the design may be revealed if you’re not careful.

Please email me at with any questions or queries and I’d be so happy to help you out.

Requirements List – 3 colour quilt

· Light fabric for backgrounds – anything bigger than 2 ½” squares or strips

· Blue fabric for blocks – anything bigger than 2 ½” squares or strips

· Yellow fabric for blocks – anything bigger than 2 ½” squares or strips.

there is no way to accurately tell you how much to use as this is a true scrap quilt. Just use the opportunity to get rid of some of those multiplying scraps! Anything bigger than 2 ½” is fair game!!

If you cut 2 ½” strips where possible, chain piecing will be easier. You can cross cut your units smaller later on.

· Ziplock Bags.

· All the usual requirements for quilting (rotary cutter, mat, board, iron etc)

That’s it really! Tomorrow I’ll upload the first lot of instructions and we’ll start the cutting and stitching.   Then I plan to post each instalment (about eight) each Monday.  Let’s have fun!

click here for a printable PDF

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  1. Judging by your past mystery quilts (how pretty they are!), I think I will "play along" with you. :-) I love scrappy quilts and the piecing they require. Thanks for hosting this fun project.