Thursday, 4 October 2012

Some show and tell

Still haven’t found the digital camera in the unpacking, so I have dug around in the archives for a couple of quilts I photographed recently.  It’s amazing when you have a clean out of your digital files, you find all sorts of treasures hidden among them that you’d forgotten about.


This is ongoing.  Truly crap-tastic photo but I need your opinion.  This was a quilt sampler we taught for a few ladies who visit my house once a week, and we did star blocks.  Each one of those blocks is 12 inches, so that finished design is 36”.  Far too small for anything of any note yet.  I’m over small wallhangings, they are pretty useless to me now I think.

Yes, I could continue on and make more star blocks, but I don’t have enough red fabric to make more hourglass blocks.  So what I’m thinking is to run a small border around it in red, and then do something??? after that.  But what something? 

Any ideas?  Small stars is an option but that’s a lot of piecing.  Bear in mind I haven’t much of any thing in great lengths, so whacking on a big red border won’t work.  And I’m trying to destash the fabric, so buying more isn’t really an option either.


Elmo cake.  For my daughter’s fourth birthday.  Just to show you I am a woman of many talents.

I’m joking.  That took me HOURS and it still looks like a novice did it.  I’m in awe of professional cake decorators.  It’s funny how we all have different skill sets, isn’t it?  I am NOT a cake decorator.

Birthday girl loved it, so that’s all that matters.  She told me I am the best mother EVER. 



My nanna is 91 and has been a clever clogs her whole life when it comes to needlework.  She stitched all these blocks only a few years ago and I finished it recently, whipping it up into a small wall hanging.  She’s just moved into my aunt’s house to live out her life as she doesn’t feel safe on her feet alone any more.  It’s been an emotional week for us all.


An old shop sample from a kit we sold.  We sold so many of these small designs.  People really liked the impulse buy of a small design, and this one had a little bit of everything in it, so if you were a beginner, it wasn’t too daunting.  However, can you see how off centre the dolls are?  Why did I not see that when I was making it?

Too much of a hurry.  That’s my problem.


My daughter went to a birthday party for a friend, whose mother told me she had everything she could possibly want, and she didn’t really need me to bring a present.  But that didn’t cut it, because you can’t just turn up at a little person’s party without a present.  I normally give books, because there’s only so many plastic toys one little girl can have.  But I figured I’d make a library bag for her as she starts kinder soon, I did it real quickly and it turned out really well. 

I’m so keen on it I thought I might make a tutorial on it.  What do you think?

Anyways….that’s all I have for you today.  There are children and husbands and housework all here waiting for me at the moment (the joys of school holidays) so I’m grabbing what time I have to find a minute to write to you.

Till tomorrow (maybe?)



  1. I've always loved stars! Yours turned out great. How about prairie points all the way around? Would look lovely on a table:)

  2. Oh prairie points - hadn't thought of them...that would work. I did think flying geese but I'm kinda flying geesed-out right now.

    Thanks Corina!

  3. Just a thought, do you have enough of your blue to make the next round in blue instead of the red, just a thought. Barbara in western NC

  4. Hi Barbara

    Yes, I do have some blue - I was kinda not even thinking blue but maybe that would work too?

    Thanks for that, I'll have a look!