Saturday, 13 October 2012

Grandmother’s Choice Week Four–Kansas Sunflower

I gave Barbara’s pattern a real go, truly I did.  I ended up throwing my results out because – quite frankly – they were hideous.  I tried very hard but sometimes I just have to cut my losses and admit that I’m not that good a quilter yet.

I did decide to make another block that wasn’t just a walk in the park. I wanted one that challenged me, but one that I could actually do.  I chose another Blockbase sunflower block – this one called, surprisingly enough, Sunflower.


This was the start:


I hand pieced the first and second row using cardboard templates and english paper piecing.

I appliqued it to the background and then added the needleturned flowers.


and I ended up with a finished result like this:


Not the best photo but the block I’m decidedly pleased with.  Compared to my original version, it ticks all the boxes – it’s a sunflower, it’s challenging enough, and it’s finished.

I’ve got two more blocks to do and then I’m up to date.  That’s tomorrow’s goal.

See you soon,


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