Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Show and Tell


When we closed the shop, there as quite some thought as to the next stage of our lives.  I knew what mine was going to be – I had a five year old about to go to school, and a toddler at home with me.  That part of it was easy.

But I think my mother (hi mum, she reads this now) found it a little more challenging, and so she invested her time (and money) into a long arm machine quilting machine.

Slowly but surely she is building up a clientele, and this is one of her custom jobs. 

I’ve included a few closeups, because the quilting is lovely (as are the blocks).


This pattern is from a local(ish) company called Kids Quilts.  They have lots of lovely things. 


Mum’s done little daisies in the quilt block above, can you see them?


Cross-hatched basketweave quilting.  Apparently v.v. complicated.




How cute is the little doll in the corner?


And some closeups of the back. 


It’s hard to take a photo of the back, because white doesn’t show up well.  But I think I did okay here.

I’d rather pull my teeth than do custom machine quilting for people, but I think she’s very, very clever.  And it means I don’t have to do my quilting any time soon.  Yay.  One of the perks.

Till tomorrow,


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