Thursday, 25 October 2012

Grandmother’s Choice Block 5 New Jersey

I’ve spend some time lately trying to catch up on my Grandmother’s Choice.  I’ve now made seven of the eight blocks, and block five was the latest one:

IMG_1097 (2)

It was all easy peasy really, and it wasn’t till I had the whole thing made that I realised that I didn’t do a brilliant job.  Up close and personal it’s a little too wonky in parts for my liking, but I didn’t really want to unpick it given that it’s all bias triangles.

But when you put it with the rest of them, it looks fine.

IMG_1098 (2)

I think once it’s all together and I’ve made all of my blocks, it’'ll look fine.

Tomorrow, perhaps I’ll catch up on that last block.

Till tomorrow,


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