Monday, 2 July 2012

Vintage Dresden Plate

Vintage Dresden Plate Cropped Image

I stitched a little bit over the weekend, and threw this little top together.  I probably showed you this at the time that I cut it out – I cut out all the wedges for this dresden plate in about ten minutes flat with that wonderful invention, the Accuquilt.  The cutting out took no time, the sewing – well, that took a little bit more time.

I’m ridiculously thrilled with the look of this quilt.  I can see now I have a few of the same fabrics too close together – funny how we look and look and we’re certain that it’s definitely right, and yet after you sew it together the errors (or misplacements) pop up still.

My only problem with this is that I used a background fabric I no longer have access to, and I’ve not got any left.  So this is only 39” square, and it’s kinda too small for any of my spaces.  Ideally I’d do another round of dresden plates, but I can’t.  So I’m thinking of putting a different fabric around the border and maybe doing some smaller half dresdens on it…but I don’t have any fabric just yet that will do as the background.  So it has to wait for now.

But for now, it’s awfully pretty, don’t you think?  Those reproduction fabrics – oh be still my beating heart.

I’ve got a houseful of girls this week due to the school holidays (six today, only two of them mine).  I’ll do my best to upload the next Bountiful Bouquet (the LAST Bountiful Bouquet!!) but I know you’ll forgive me if I’m a little late.  I tend to make computer errors when I’m under pressure, and I’d rather do it properly the first time.  Who said girls are quieter than boys?

Till tomorrow,



  1. Yep, your dresden piece is a beauty! I would love to see some half-dresdens bordering around the piece. I love the scrappy sashing too. We have SO MANY choices!

  2. Beautiful work! You could make it bigger with a solid border of some color then another set of squares and another solid. It still wouldn't be huge, but it would be lap sized.

  3. It's so lovely! If you had your heart set on making it bigger and don't like the idea of switching background fabrics you could take a closeup of the fabric and see if maybe one of us has the same fabric!