Sunday, 8 July 2012

Blue Wrens

Blue Wrens Cropped Image

Obviously, this is not one of mine.  Obviously, this is another one from my clever clogs of a mother.

These are blue wrens.  They live on the river, but only the boys are blue.  The girls have the same tails, but aren’t flashy.  Typical of men.

We live on the Murray River, but we don’t see them very much around here – perhaps there are too many other birds around.  They are very cheeky little things, much like willy wagtails.  I wonder if willy wagtails exist everywhere?  Willy wagtails are small birds, whose bravado well outweighs their size.

That’s your Australian birdlife lesson for today. 

(I haven’t forgotten the Bountiful Bouquet – as soon as the house clears of children I’ll sort it out, so please bear with me)

Till tomorrow,