Thursday, 14 June 2012

Some more Dear Jane to share

I’ve got a real problem now.  Dear Jane is threatening to take what little spare time I had left.  I stitch a block, and then I think ‘Oh, I’ll just do one more…’ and so it goes.  All chores are left, the dinner isn’t cooked – I’m hopeless.

k2 grandpas chickens

K12 Grandpa’s Chickens. 

All machine pieced.  Haven’t had to try paper piecing yet.

m12 hopscotch

M12 Hopscotch 

Another relatively easy one, though it scanned very badly.  In real life, it’s not as crooked as it looks.

k9 scouts honor

K9 Scouts Honour.

I adore this one.  The colors are so lovely and rich, and it went together like a dream.  I’ve been piecing another quilt with triangles sewn on the outside like this one, and I’ve been getting better, I must say.  So practice making perfect and all that.

That’s all for today.  I did a couple more of them but they still need some applique on top.  I’ll post them when I finish.

I know I’ve said it before, but it’s so worth doing this quilt.  I am sure that this quilt is responsible for a lot of technical improvement in the general quilting world.  It’s a very special quilt.

Till tomorrow,



  1. DJ is the "Masterpiece" in a Quilters Life, i think.
    Your blocks are wonderful, most i love K9, this will be my next one.
    And i have the same problem with stopping sewing the blocks. only one more and time goes away for housekeeping and so on....



  2. I made a double wedding ring a few years ago...that one was really challenging and it was my very best quilt. Whilst I think dear Jane will be one of my best, the emotional attachment I have to the dwr is huge. Must dig it out and post a photo. I need to hand quilt the thing to. Oh for more time,
    Thanks o much for posting!

  3. I love your Baby Janes! Scanning them - what a concept! I always fight with a camera and transfer it to the computer - colors are never right. I'll try the scanner for the next one. :D