Friday, 8 June 2012

Dear Jane … a summary to date

I have been v. v. industrious lately and have tried hard to get on top of these little suckers.  Time will tell how long it takes me to finish this quilt, though I started it in October 2010.

Dear Jane Pinwheel Gone Awry A1Dear Jane Uncle Homer A6Dear Jane Field Of Dreams D13c1Dear Jane Batchelor's Buttons B1_thumb[4]

Dear Jane Four Corner Press B13_thumb[4]Dear Jane I1 Ralph and Nelda's Wedding_thumbDear Jane Simple Simon M10Dear Jane M5 Mother's Point_thumbDear Jane I2 Kaye's Courtyard_thumb

Dear Jane K13 Brandon's Star_thumb[1]Dear Jane K3 Seven Sisters_thumb[1]c3L7


  1. Oh, so nice blocks from DJ
    i have startet last month, and i have 7 blocks now. My goal is 2017 in April, the 200th birthday of Jane A. Stickle.
    5 years can be soooo short.
    I will follow your progress.

    Greets from Germany


  2. Oh well done!!

    I made another three today. I've loosely thought I could have the top done by the end of the year. We will wait and see.

    Thanks so much for your comments.