Thursday, 7 June 2018

More Monsters

You’ve probably seen my monster quilt (here and here for those of you who don’t remember). 
I ended up doing a very Suzie thing – made a couple of blocks that just wouldn’t fit in the maths of the previous two quilts, so I did another very Suzie thing – I made a new one.
Photo 2-5-18, 9 51 41 am
You’ll be pleased to know that I have a new phone case on my phone, so that lovely pink haze in the left corner is no longer there.
Photo 2-5-18, 9 51 53 am
I’m halfway through stitching this one.
Photo 17-5-18, 6 38 38 pm
He fits well in there, don’t you think?
Photo 17-5-18, 6 39 08 pm

Photo 17-5-18, 6 39 16 pm

Photo 17-5-18, 6 39 32 pm

Photo 17-5-18, 6 39 35 pm

Photo 17-5-18, 6 39 37 pm

Photo 18-5-18, 2 21 42 pm

Photo 18-5-18, 2 21 56 pm

Photo 20-5-18, 2 44 12 pm
It’s amazing how quickly these little guys do actually work up.
Photo 20-5-18, 3 51 52 pm
I’ve been using all my brights up.  My brights are quite precious to me, much like my thirties prints and I get a bit tense when the box empties.  I can guarantee you now, I will never allow myself to run out of brights!  Orders online may or may not be in place already.
I’m trying to juggle many balls right now and for the most part I think I’m doing okay, but it only takes one stumble for the whole lot to fall – the current stumble is I’ve lost my quilt diary, the one that has ever project I’ve ever done.  I’m feeling very hyper-ventally about the whole thing, and I’m so cross with myself.  It’s here somewhere, but I’ve looked in all the usual and not so usual places and I can’t find it.  The thought of trying to sift through the whole house looking for it is doing my head in and the thought of losing it for good is even worse!  Do my quilts exist if I haven’t written them down in a book? 
Anyway.  That’s my update, hope my bright little boys give you some pleasure – I know there’s a lot of us feeling very unsettled and anxious right now.  Two words of advice I try to live by – ‘This too shall pass’ and ‘Try and keep your sense of humour’.  Can’t hurt, might help?
See you soon.


  1. Those are so stinkin cute...and I giggle over seeing some of your fabrics you used, that I have in my stash here! We do have good taste in fabrics! LOL!!!