Sunday, 1 October 2017

Show time

October long weekend means it’s town show time.

Photo 1-10-17, 11 35 15 am

Do you have a show in your town?  There’s something so comforting in a town coming together for an event like this.

Photo 1-10-17, 11 35 22 am

Here in Australia, or at least in my part of Australia, the town oval functions for everything.  Currently it’s being used for both the horse show-jumping and the dog trials.  Football is over, cricket hasn’t begun.  It’s the perfect venue.

Photo 1-10-17, 11 08 08 am

And of course there are rows upon rows of entrants in the various ‘best of’ events.

Photo 1-10-17, 11 08 29 am

Photo 1-10-17, 11 09 49 am

Photo 1-10-17, 11 11 18 am

Photo 1-10-17, 11 11 47 am

I have never seen a judging of the cake section before but it’s exactly what you would think – lots of ladies first judging the ‘cut’ of the cake, then judging the taste.  Just like they were on Great British Bake Off. 

In such a crappy, hostile world ‘out there’, it’s deeply comforting to turn up to a day like this, know that there are people whose day may well have been made because they have been awarded ‘best egg’ or ‘best honey cake’. 

At least I think so.

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  1. Country shows are still good fun. And it's a great way to see all the works from the talented people in the area.
    Cheers, Karen