Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Actually finishing a quilt

Photo 18-10-17, 2 44 47 pm

Photo 18-10-17, 2 44 41 pm

I’ve had a clearish day today, and I used it to (shock horror!) get a quilt ready for binding!  This is my Chunky Churn Dash from Bonnie and we have a quilt show coming up and out of all the quilts I’ve finished this year, this is the one that I’ll be putting in our quilt show next weekend.

I plan to use my good camera to take lots of lovely photos, but I’ve just discovered that it’s not working very well (long story very short, I faceplanted while on holidays and was very proud of myself that I didn’t crack the lens, but what I did manage to do was ensure grit got into the workings of it and now my $600 camera is being a toad).  So cross your fingers that it decides to be friendly or else you may have some bad photos from my camera!

Hope your day is going well, I’ll see you soon!

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