Thursday, 12 October 2017

Laugh kookaburra laugh





We’ve been away a few days on holidays.  I’ve a million photos to show you but I thought I would share with you a photo of my little friend who entertained us while we were at our holiday unit.

I think he (she?) was almost tame – at least tame enough to know that visitors drop food, and we would see him (her?) most days.  He sat long enough for me to take a few blurry photos, but each morning he would tap on the window of our front door and wake us up.  I don’t think he was tapping deliberately to wake us up, rather he was collecting bugs from the corners but it was lovely to open the curtain and see him there.

Kookaburras are everywhere in Australia but you tend to hear them, rather than see them.  So it’s always a lovely thing when you see one happy enough to let you get close to photograph him, when you actually have a camera in your hand!