Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Something Simple

Every now and again it’s nice to do something really simple.

Some time ago I saw a really cute pattern on the Spotlight website.  I’ve not made much from there, but it took my fancy and when they had a sale on I lashed out and brought all the fabrics it recommended.

Blogger is being particularly uncooperative this morning so it won’t let me add text after these photos, so please enjoy them.  It took me a morning to sew the blocks together, half a day to embroider them.  Sometimes it’s fun to do the quick stuff.

I’ve pinned the quilt to its backing, and now it’s waiting for me to have five minutes at the machine to machine quilt it.  Hopefully that is today’s job!

Photo 14-6-17, 1 43 32 pm

Photo 14-6-17, 1 43 43 pm

Photo 14-6-17, 1 44 02 pm

Photo 14-6-17, 1 44 07 pm

Photo 14-6-17, 1 44 15 pm

Photo 14-6-17, 1 44 18 pm