Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Lucy Boston - an update!

A few weeks ago, I posted some blocks from the Lucy Boston quilt we are working on for our Raffle Quilt.

I'm pleased to say that we are now finished, and it's spectacular!

Photo 6-6-17, 7 00 08 pm
Photo 6-6-17, 7 00 27 pm
Photo 6-6-17, 7 00 42 pm
Photo 6-6-17, 7 01 01 pm
Photo 6-6-17, 7 01 18 pm
Photo 6-6-17, 7 01 27 pm
Photo 6-6-17, 7 01 49 pm
Photo 6-6-17, 7 02 12 pm
Photo 6-6-17, 7 03 09 pm
It was expertly quilted by my clever mum, and all that we have to do now is sell a million tickets.  Easy peasy!

I've never brought tickets in our own raffles before but I'm definitely going to do it this time!

Hope you're doing well, it's a glorious sunny day today - though rain would be nice!


  1. looks did you get it finished so was not that long ago you shared the blocks.........
    I never tire of seeing how people put the fussy blocks together.........
    goodluck and I hope you raise lots of money.........wished I could get tickets........

  2. Beautiful. Wish I could buy some tickets.

  3. beautiful quilt! where do we purchase tickets from?

  4. Gorgeous quilt - there will be a very happy winner....can you sell tickets to the blog visitors???

  5. Absolutely stunning!!!!!!

  6. So beautiful!! and gorgeous quilting.

  7. Oh my its lovely . How could you part with it