Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Pioneer Braid

Another UFO/Flimsy to show you.

Can I just say, I Did Not Like making this quilt.  It’s one of Bonnie Hunters’ designs (well, I doubt she invented the Pioneer Braid but I followed the pattern from one of her books).  The stitching of this quilt is far too stoppy starty for my liking, and the long sections are very unwieldy to handle as they get longer.  None of that is Bonnie’s fault, of course.  And if you are going to make one, following her pressing guide is a really good idea because all my seams butted up against each other, which made stitching the rows together much more accurate.








I had decided to make this quilt wider, and had it folded up to make more sections when my cat (god love him but I really don’t know why he did this) decided to pee on it.  He doesn’t do that as a rule, he’s very well behaved in general.  But he decided to pee on the worst thing ever.  I had to wash the top and then stitch two more rows on which was a flipping nightmare.

But now it’s done and it’s still hugely long – I must have made a mistake with my cutting because it was so enormous. 

But as I said, it’s done.


  1. Oh, no! Maybe he sensed that you didn't like it. At least you are done with it.

  2. It is beautiful, even if you didn't enjoy the process. I think we all have that happen occasionally. So a high five for finishing it.