Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Disappearing Nine Patch








Strictly speaking, this isn’t a disappearing nine patch as I’ve labelled it.  It’s the bits and pieces left over from my Pioneer Braid, the one that was bigger than a football oval.  I must have made a real mess up of my cutting because I had so many bits left over.   I didn’t know what to do with them, then it occurred to me that it looked a little like a disappearing patch, so in a fit of finishing, I stitched them together and here it is!

I actually think it’s a lovely scrappy design.  A real quickie, and would be ideal for a charity quilt.

As for the rest of my sewing endeavours, I’ve been crossing boring jobs off my list in the hope that I’ll have some free time soon.  Hah.  This close to Christmas?  I doubt it!

Hope you’re doing well, I’ll post some more soon!

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  1. A great solution for your leftover bits - this quilt looks great and I can imagine one could spend a long time looking at all those different fabrics, a bit like an I-spy quilt!