Friday, 6 February 2015

Some links to share

I have a Facebook account under my real name, and whilst I rarely post things on there, I like to sit and watch what the rest of the world is doing.  My Facebook account used to be mainly for friends and family, but as more and more businesses embrace social media I am finding more and more people/businesses to follow.

Every time I see a post/link I like, I share it on my timeline (mostly to myself, I’m not one to post publicly) and save it for Ron (aussie expression – mean’s Later On.  Ron.  Get it?).  I’d have to live to be 132 to do all the links and tutorials I find on there, but I do save them to my time line Just In Case. 

Currently I’m collecting nifty things for our trading table coming up at our next Quilt Show.  I thought I might collate a few and share them with you.

download (1)





Obviously my brain right now is leaning towards wallets/activity pads.  Not sure why. 

Tomorrow I’ll post some more!



  1. Some great links there - thanks. I have a Pinterest account (patching pixies) with a number of boards, so I use it in the same way you use your FB account. Its great to have the visual prompt to remind me of why I pinned it in the first place. LOL