Tuesday, 3 February 2015

A Wander Around The Internet

Sometimes, I spend a few hours wandering around the internet, and I come across some really interesting websites.

One of my other hobbies (equally as time consuming and frustrating) is researching my family tree.  The internet is a wonderful tool for that, and I have found many fantastic and interesting things about my family – ranging from the truly Fabulous (a first fleeter convict – I am officially Aussie Royalty) to the to the truly Awful (a great aunt who died at 21 after contracting septicaemia following a termination – no privacy laws there, her coronial inquest is online for the world to see!).

Whilst going down the rabbit hole with my family research one day, I came across a wonderful site – http://spitalfieldslife.com/ (you could spend hours there!) and today’s post was particularly interesting.


sourced from here

sourced from here

sourced from here

So many things about this post appeal to me as a quilter, and equally more as a lover of all things old.  I urge you to go over there and have a sticky beak.  So many glorious colours and prints and that staircase?! Oh My Gosh. 

Here in Australia I think there are many of us just can’t imagine living in anything older than fifty years.  The old, old houses are not so available, often horrendously expensive, and when I say old even they are only one hundred years old or so.  To live in a house from the Edwardian or Victorian era, with their beautiful staircases, and doors, and floors – I’m so jealous. 

So I surf the internet and look at all these wonderful places to live and daydream.  It’s the best I can do really.  I have a lovely house that I am very grateful for, but oh, to live in one of these places?  Fabulous.

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