Wednesday, 11 February 2015

My Blue Heaven

I've been stitching along on these blocks the last few days.  I don't think it should be known as My Blue Heaven anymore.  

I'll have to think of something else to call it.  

So far they are coming along well and I'm sure I'll love it when it's done.

The weather is horrid right now - hot and very windy and that's always a bad combination in summer - all it takes is one spark and there'll be another bush fire somewhere.  And it makes me crabby, the wind.  I'm not really good at hot and windy.  I suppose you Northern Hemisphere peoples are having cold and wet times right now.  I'd gladly swap!

The good news is that after three weeks, I can safely say apart from the ironing that my house is Back In Order.  Yay Me!  The ironing is never ending, but at least the weight of everything else isn't crashing down on me and all I need to do in the mornings is a general straighten up.  That'll probably last till the weekend but it does mean I get all day tomorrow to sew if I straighten up quickly!

So that's my update for Wednesday.  I hope your Wednesday, whether hot and blustery or cold and windy is filled with lovely sewing and stitching plans!



  1. It may not be My Blue Heaven any more, but it sure is beautiful! I'm loving watching this come together. Hope things cool down and the wind settles down.

  2. It's going to be a real beauty. Love your fabric and color choice.