Friday, 7 September 2012

The Pool

We have a pool. 

It came on the back of a truck.

block four

They had to remove half our back fence and a few of my husband’s beloved stone borders with a sledgehammer to get it through, but it’s through.

It’s a bit big.

blog five

He calls me spatially challenged.  Which means, I see something on a plan that says ‘I measure xx metres by xx metres’ and I think ‘Oh yeah, it’s this size’.  And then it turns up and it’s a little teensy bit bigger than I planned.  It’s how we ended up with the world’s largest trampoline.

They had to lift it off the truck with a crane.  I didn’t take photos of that, I was toooo stressed that they would drop it so I hid inside.

blog seven

Then they had to lay it on a flat surface (i.e. husband’s PRIZED lawn) and hopefully the crane straps wouldn’t break and take out out the verandah.

Easy does it.

blog one

All is good.

blog two

I had to go then to an all day quilting day, which is probably good because it’s the most stressful thing in the world to watch.  If they dropped it, another one would have to arrive.  This one took a long time to arrive.  We didn’t want them to drop it.

But, apparently they didn’t drop it, because when I got home I found this:

blog eight

So it’s in.  Now there’s just the rest of it to do, and hopefully by summer we’ll be swimming laps with the best of them. 

I can’t wait.

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