Saturday, 22 September 2012


Ladies, I need your help.

I am so OVER reading advertising spiels cleverly (or not even so cleverly) hidden in blog posts.  It seems everyone is trying to sell something, and there seems to be less and less decent quilting going on in quilting blogs.  Is it just the way of the internet?  Sooner or later it all boils down to the dollar?

I know there are great blogs out there written by clever and engaging bloggers, I just know there are.  Maybe I’m looking in the wrong places?

Please, please send me some blog links!  I need some new ones, to find inspiration, to see some quilt candy instead of DVD giveaways.  If you are a lurker, a reader who hasn’t posted and you’ve started up your blog recently, please send your link my way!  I’d love to see what you have been up to.  And if you’re a long time blogger and I just haven’t found you yet, please send me that link too. 

You guys know what I like.  Can you help me out?


  1. You are writing out of my heart.
    Giveaways are great, but please not only for getting more Clients in a Shop. Just for Fun.
    I love to see blogs from "normal" Quilters, who like to quilt, not to sell on Etsy-dawanda or similar.
    I like to see progress-pics of a project and read, where the problem is to sew this way and not the other way. Progress in DJ or Mysteries.....
    I can not explain, what i mean, my english is so horrible.
    Here in Germany, there are a lot of normal private bloggers, in Dutch also, but sadly we are on the way... and a lot of shops start to blog and sell via Blog.
    If i understood your question wrong, feel free to delete this comment.
    Iris from Germany,

  2. Exactly what I mean, Iris! I don't mind giveaways, really. I LOVE reviews for quilting products, I guess it's when a blog crosses over from 'look what I just made' to 'buy this because I get money to say you should buy this' that really bugs me. I have limited time, I want to go to places I feel creatively inspired. Perhaps I just put my cranky pants on today but if I want to shop, I'll shop. Right now I want to read quilt blogs!

    And really, I don't mind if a quilt shop has a quilt blog. I'll go there if I want to read about their shop. I guess it's the blurring of the lines that I have problems with.

    But as I said, I think I have my cranky pants on today :)

    Thanks so much for your comments. I would NEVER delete them! And your English is excellent!


  3. Hiya, Suzie!

    Here's my normal, everyday, ordinary blog:

    I don't blog on a regular basis .. only when I have something to share. I found a button that expresses this precisely: Blogging Without Obligation. :-)

    I also have a website where I have make a page for (almost) every quilt that I've made. I don't consider a project "finished" until I create a page. :-) I talk about why I made the quilt, the process I went through and any problems/solutions I encountered along the way. I figured that if I had a problem of this sort, others probably did too and, perhaps, my solution will help another quilter avoid the problem.

    The website has a LOT of pages, as I have made over 175 quilts from 1978 thru today. So, take your time and don't rush. It isn't going away. :-)

    My (quilting) website is

    happy quilting!

    Shelley Rodgers

  4. Hi Suzie,

    The best way I know how to find really good quilting blogs is using the way I found your blog this morning, . BTW, it was good to see another blogger/quilter who enjoys making more complex, larger quilts. You can find my blog at . No advertising, just musings of my quilting that I do mostly on the weekends, since I am very busy during the week working full time and managing a home as a single parent. Love your projects! I have so much to learn from you!

  5. Yes I know exactly what you're talking about. And it does seem that more and more bloggers are getting on that advertising bandwagon. I may have been interested when I first started seeing those adds. But soon as I realize what the blogger is doing I'm outta there! And if I see more than a couple from the same blogger then I'll remove them from my Blogger Reader.
    So since you asked, here's the link to my blog
    Stop on by and see what I've been up to. ;o)

  6. Hi. Feel free to check out my blog. It is a journal of the quilts and activities that I am involved in, mixed in with some things in life that I find interesting. There are no ads and very few give-a-ways (only one - when I had my 100th blog).

    Come visit me.


  7. Thanks, Ladies! I'll definitely go have a look!

  8. I just got done quilting your mystery quilt and it's posted on my blog - no advertising, just quiting

  9. Oh you clever thing, Sue...I've commented on your website but just for the record, Well Done!


  10. I know what you mean, I like giveaways too, but it all comes back to the business side of things. I started following your blog, after seeing the progress of Sue DAURIO's beautiful quilt. She is a clever thing too. I'm a blogger, mainly to record my work on clients quilts. I'm hopeless at record keeping, so the blog entries help me to "remember" things. (the joys of aging!)

  11. So glad you wrote this post. It’s getting to where so many blogs are mostly advertising. You can hardly see the pictures for all the stuff in the sidebar.
    I enjoy giveaways like when you reach a certain amount of post or followers, things like that.
    But mostly I like to see what others are doing and you can learn so much from your fellow quilters.
    I have learned so much from following your blog.

  12. As it appears to be OK to mention ones-self, here is my plain-jane blog (with a new piece of scrappy inspiration). There is a link at the top to my 12-year old daughter's blog, where she sells things. But other than an occasional proud-mother plug, it is all just my sewing/quilting adventures.

  13. this is one of the first comments I've made in a long time, but your post hit the nail on the head for me. I was just telling a friend today that I keep weeding out my blog roll-- hitting unsubscribe more and more as they become less and less everyday and more ego-centric. There are still many I enjoy and like Shelley (Rogers) I too blog without obligation. I try to be good- really I do, but sometimes there is just not a lot to say!
    If you want to take a look around feel free :-)
    You can find me at
    Just a warning- I'm terribly behind in my musings lol- but go back some in time and you see a lot of who I really am (smile).

  14. Thanks so much for all your comments, lovely readers :)

    I dont know how to comment individually yet, but please know that I've read each comment and I'm definitely going to check out your blogs!

    Thanks so much, again.


  15. Hi,
    I'm Ellen from American Homestead. I have never given anything away or had an ad on my blog. Sometimes I write about a great restaurant if I find one. My blog is about quilting, food and travel and the things that come up in life.