Sunday, 9 September 2012

Farmyard Critters



Another quilt from my very clever mother.  This was a design by McKenna Ryan, and it is no longer with us.  We had a rush of blood to the head when someone wanted to buy it, and it lives in a new house now. 

I’m tempted to keep every quilt I’ve ever made, but I do know that one day my girls will be dealing with all the stuff I’ve kept over the years.  So sometimes, when the opportunity (and price) arose, I sell them. 

Do you worry about the things you’ll leave behind?  The clutter?  What if I make all of these quilts and my girls chuck them away?  Is it about the end result, or is it about the process of making the quilt that gives me the most pleasure?  Do I get to say what happens to my stuff after I’m gone?

Big questions all jumbling around inside my head right now.  Big questions.


  1. It will have to be about the process for me, because no one wants my stuff...grin. Hopefully someone will be happy when they find my hard work in a garage sell.

  2. I've always wanted to make that pattern! Such a beautiful quilt. I've already spoken to my daughter about "all my stuff" when I've gone to the big quilt shop in the sky, she will choose what she wants to keep for herself. Then my 2 closest friends will take what they want and they will bag, tag and take everything else to the large guild I belong to. It will be sold and the monies will go to the animal rescue. That is the plan. Who knows if it will actually go that way, but at least I know I tried!

  3. Thanks for commenting, Ladies!

    I can imagine a quilt lover coming across a beautiful quilt made by you, Billie - I know how excited I would get if I found the perfect quilt in a thrift shop. I don't allow myself to go into thrift shops, I don't trust myself.

    And Corinne, I think my plan will be much the same. My girls have first dibs, family and friends will have second, quilting group can have third.

    Hopefully that won't be at least for another sixty years. I'll be 101 then, perfect age for dropping off the peg.

    Thanks again for commenting!

  4. This topic is so close to my heart right now. My dad was an avid geneologist who sadly left us 10 months ago. Last weekend my sister and I finally got around to dealing with his many boxes of "stuff". We figured that although we tossed a lot (9 large boxes) worth, the main thing was that he enjoyed his hobby while he did it and the local history society will hopefully benefit from the several large crates of material that we donate to them.

    I'm a little "paranoid" about leaving stuff behind for my kids to deal with and have to keep a firm reign on myself not to go all out and go totally spartan, lol. I figure that all we can do is enjoy what we do and if the kids don't want what we leave, someone will then, we won't be worrying about it. :0)

  5. Hi Anne,

    Thanks so much for your comment.

    I can see it from both sides - my great grandmother was a hoarder, and therefore my grandmother throws stuff out the minute it's been there for more than a day (or so it seems). She has spartaned her life so much I feel a little sad really.

    But I can see how big a problem I could create for someone, and it's been my year for finishing things (which is not really working too well). But I do try and give something away before I buy something new (which to be honest isn't working brilliantly either).

    But the thought is there!

    Thanks again for posting