Saturday, 14 April 2012

So maybe technology isn’t quite so bad

I’ve been sewing today, catching a spare five minutes here and there when the children allow.

I’m pleased to tell you (or should it be perhaps embarrassed to tell you) that I’ve figured out the problem with the sewing machine.  Turns out after owning the thing for five years and sewing on it more than once a day for all of that time, I’d forgotten how to thread it.

I am indeed THAT stupid.

Anyway.  Sewing machine is threaded.  New card bought for the camera and here is a couple of piccies I’ve been wanting to show you.

100_1779 (2)

The first is a companion piece for another picture I stitched a few months ago.  I spent a lot of time framing it, which doesn’t show very well on the photo.  But take my word for it, it’s lovely.  It matches the companion piece very well.  I’ve tried to find a photo of it in the links but I can’t.  But you can see it in my flickr stream if you so desire.  It’s part of three I plan to do.  So, two down and one to go. 


And look at that!  It’s finished!  Well, it’s very nearly finished.  I realised as I was stitching it that I am one teensy tiny little unit short for the bottom row, so I have to stitch that one up yet.  But it’s a pretty good effort really.

If you disregard the fact that there is not one single seam that matches, and it is quite possibly the worst made quilt I have ever accomplished, and it will never, ever, EVER see the light of day in public.  It looks really good if you stand about five metres away from it permanently.

But it’s done.  Will I do another Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt?  Yeah, probably!

Anyway, have a lovely weekend and I shall chat to you all tomorrow.  Maybe.


  1. I love your framed applique piece.

    Your quilt looks great from here. :)
    Love your fabric combinations.

  2. Your quilt looks good to me. I love the colors.

  3. Both quilts are beautiful! Congratulations!