Saturday, 21 April 2012

The Mother of all Quilt Caves

I'm an avid blog reader, and seem to end up on some fascinating places, with people who blow my mind both creatively and just in general.  I start with one blog, from there I meander over to another one, and find myself a mile from home in the most fascinating of places.

One place I visit sometimes is, which has lots of guest posters.  From there, I was introduced to Fabric Therapy.  I read her posts in awe of the massive, and impeccibly organised stash she has at her disposal.

Obviously I wasn't alone, because she's now done a series of posts on how she organises her quilting space. 

It's just a wonderful series of posts, covering everything you could imagine. 

I only dream of being that organised.  I could never be that organised.  I think it must be in your DNA.

So do yourself a favour, go and visit her at Fabric Therapy.  Start with this post, and work your way through it.  Fantastic. 

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