Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Hello - catching up...


I've been away!

I took my little family, along with my husband and his mother across the border for a four day break.  It consisted mainly of playgrounds, playgrounds, and playgrounds. 

It was lovely.

But I'm back now, and when I've done some stitching (my fingers are itching!), I'll let you see!

Thanks for all your lovely recent comments too, btw.  I've replied to all I can, so if you haven't received a reply from me for something you wrote, it's most likely because you are posting as a no-reply commenter.  Which leaves me no email address to post back to you. 

So if you want a reply (and I'll always write one!) check that when you post a comment.

Tata for now, and I'll catch up soon.


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