Saturday, 20 May 2017

I’m back, miss me?

Gosh, that was a long break, wasn’t it? 

Easter in April and then the merry month of May has me gasping for breath, I must admit.  It’s by far my busiest time of the year.  It is one of those times when everything peaks at the same time – the lead up to Easter is always frantic, and then from Easter came two weeks of school holidays with children to entertain.  We then launch into May where we have had a 50th party to organise for my other half (who promised me, months ago that ‘he would do everything, dear’…. oh how I laughed!), my baby daughter had her birthday, we had our wedding anniversary and then throw all the other things into the mix and I can barely catch my breath!

I’m no orphan in that, I know.  I speak to the other mums and they all agree it’s just mental.  Men. Tal.  We do the constant ferrying because we love the children and living in the country means lots of travelling.   And suddenly it’s the end of May.  Can you believe that?

Anyway.  Part of my blogging problem is the lack of a suitable way to get photos on here.  I have a dinky little iphone with very little storage, and what storage I have seems to get pinched by silly little apps for silly little girls.  I can’t just take a photo and post it on the blog, I have to use my good camera, take the photo, transfer it onto the laptop – it’s all a rigmarole.

The good news is that the plan runs out at the end of next month, and I plan to buy a fancy phone with fancy storage and no silly apps!  Many times I’ve wished I could photograph something for showing you but I have no camera to do it with.

I’m going to treat myself.

But you’re here for the quilt photos, aren’t you?  Course you are!

I don’t have much to show you – most of my limited sewing has been working on the Lucy Boston quilt that I spoke about previously.  It’s gorgeous and well on the way to being done, so I’ll share some photos with you when I have them. 

I am motoring along with my ballet project though, must be all those hours waiting, waiting….


The amount of waiting in cars I’m doing lately will see me finish this quick way earlier than I planned!

I also dug out an old UFO and have been adding blocks to it:






Those of you reading long enough will recognise the monsters – I made one quilt and had enough left over to make another quilt and now I have more left over so guess what?  Yes!  A final quilt! 

The truth is I love doing the monsters.  They brighten my day.  To answer the questions I always get regarding my lovely little guys – most of them are from various sources such as wrapping paper, coloring in books, pinterest (some borrowed, admittedly, without credit but there are so many sources I wouldn’t know where to begin to start!).   Some I’ve drawn myself.  The trick is to get the eyes right – once you’ve got them done the rest just falls into place.

So that’s my update for you lovely readers.  I hope you are all enjoying lots of quilty time and I hope I’ll be back sooner this time!


  1. Absolutely love your monsters and your ballet project! Very pretty!