Monday, 13 March 2017

A Rose By Any Other Name


Hello to you from a lovely, windy South Australia.  It’s been hot and muggy the past few days, and today we’ve woken up to a lovely cool breeze.  I’ve thrown all the windows open and the breeze is flowing beautifully through the house. 

I’ve been a finishing fiend these last few months.  I’ve really not started anything new, and I’ve been slowly crossing things off my list that have been half done.  I’ve not brought anything at all really, despite visiting Spotlight more than once.  I may have finally reached saturation point with my craft.  There is only so many quilts I can make, jumpers I can knit. 

Who would have thought I would have got to this point? Certainly not me!

The photo above was another one of those things.  A challenge entry for a quilt show that was held years ago.  Needless to say, I didn’t get to enter it into that challenge.  Turns out it needed only half an evening to machine quilt and bind the thing and it is done. 

So many little jobs that I put off.  I don’t know why I do that.  I think the logic with this one was that I was going to hand quilt it.  So it sat there for years, waiting for me to have the time to sit and hand quilt it.  For what purpose?  To sit in a bag for years later?

Nope.  Machine quilted it and it’s done.  As to what happens with it now, I don’t know. 

We are currently halfway through a public holiday.  No time for me to sew today, I’m taking the opportunity to get my jobs done.  Big week this week for us (sigh… aren’t they all?).  Two funerals, a half day volunteering at a charity shop, an all day sewing day (looking forward to that one!).  Baby daughter has to be at school at 7.00 am for a school excursion tomorrow – bags need packing, stuff needs organising. 

Whenever someone asks me, as a ‘non working mother’ what I do all day, this is what I do all day!  Ferrying one person to one place, another to another place.  And because I am a ‘non working parent’, I’m the one who gets to go to all the school excursions, to volunteer in the canteen, to walk the kids to sporting activities as supervision, because ‘I have nothing much else to do’.   Eldest daughter volunteered me for something at school the other day, and to quote her ‘All the other mums have jobs, so they can’t do it.  You don’t work, so you have time!’.  Ouch.

Perhaps I need to go on strike at home to show her how much ‘not working’ I do around here.

I’m not complaining (much).  I wouldn’t swap my busy life for anything.  It’s not the work so much as the remembering that makes me tired.  Remembering who needs to be where and with what supplies and what time to we have to leave and did you remember to pack this/that/the other.  Worn Out!  My hat goes off to those working mums who have to do all what I do AND work.  I’m exhausted, I can’t imagine how tired those mums must be.

Anyway.  Not quite sure how I ended up on this tangent!   I shall move along, continue with my jobs, and hopefully have a clear head for my all day sewing day tomorrow.

Have a lovely one!


  1. That Rose mini would make a sweet wall hanging, somewhere you need a smile to fill an empty spot. I know what you mean about having all the quilts you could ever need, so much of what I do in quilting now is for charity.

  2. Hi Carole, I agree! Thanks for replying.