Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Tidying up loose ends

As much as I’ve loved all my family being home during the Christmas school holidays, the time is nearly ready for them all to go back to school and work, so that I can get my groove back.

So many things are sitting, waiting for me to turn my attention to them.  Most of them are boring (ironing, washing sticky, sticky floors) but sewing is calling me also.  Proper sewing – not ten minutes here and there, but get stuck into it and really create something sewing.

I did manage to unpack a UFO that’s been languishing far too long – a hundred years ago I began a series of blocks by Pat Speth of Nickel Quilts called the Deli Geese Project.  Something new at the time, but one of those things that halfway through I realised I didn’t really like and of course, it got put away.

I’d made 22 blocks.  I ended up buying some sashing fabric on my last fabric trip, and I’m going to sash the blocks with some of that fabric and set them on point.  What do you think?




I’m really ready to finish this one. 

I’ve been good this year so far.  I’ve not started anything major apart from my star quilt blocks and I think the light has finally dawned that I won’t live to be 823 and will never make all the things in my head, and starting new things isn’t giving me the pleasure it used to anyway.  I’ve been trying hard – finally – to change my way of approaching quilting.  It’s not a race to finish quickly, because then I stuff things up and make quilts I’m embarrassed to show.  I need to slow down and enjoy the process more.

Anyway.  Just putting it out there.  We’ll see what happens when my groove gets back!

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