Tuesday, 3 January 2017

loving this technology stuff

Hi lovely readers.

So I wrote a long blog post and published it, and now it’s not showing.  And I still can’t use half the internet on the new computer.  I have to be honest with you, I’m not really loving this technology stuff right now.  It all needs sorting – one thing doesn’t work on one machine, something else doesn’t work on another, it all takes way too long to sort out.  And blogger – oh blogger – keeps on logging me out and not recognising my password.  Blogger and I are not really friends at the moment.

We don’t have a local techie guy (comes with living in the country) so I have to go to the next town to sort out why I can’t log on.  Which will have to wait, sadly.

All first world problems, I guess.  Don’t you hate that saying??

I’ve not much to update you on – I went to Adelaide over the last few days to join my husband’s extended family to scatter a great aunt’s ashes.  We picked the ocean, which on a hot day in South Australia means busy, busy, busy – so it was all rather stealthily and quietly done so as not to upset the people nearby.  Lots of giggling and laughing happening, with ample drinking of champagne which I suspect the Great Aunt would have loved.

And then, we spent a day or so just chilling in the local water park – the kids went nuts over it and everyone got burned and worn out and had a wonderful time.  Followed that by having a lovely family meal and reminiscing over old family photos – I really need to crack open the Family History box that I’ve neglected for so long, I’m very keen to start that again.

Not a purchase of fabric or yarn happened.  I was very, very well behaved.

Now we are home and life will go on – I must get stuck into my chores tomorrow.  Why is it that chores never end?  Groundhog day.

I hope you are warm if you need to be, cool if you need to be, and always quilting!  See you soon!


  1. At least you had some fun on an otherwise solemn occasion. Chores don't ever end, you'd think that bed would stay made for more than a day, LOL!!

  2. Happy New Year! I hope you can sort your internet woes...it's great when technology is working for you, frustrating when it's not! I'm with you on the chores, too...grr!