Monday, 20 May 2013

More show and tell

Alas, I still have no lap top so I can’t transfer any more of my new stuff to show you, so I’ve dug into the depths and found a bit more show and tell.

293 blog

This is a fairly horrid, scanned photo so it doesn’t get any better than that colour-wise.  I gave this away, so I can’t retake my photo.

This was a design by Michelle Hill of William Morris fame – it’s a shame the photo isn’t a better one because the colours in this one were rich and luscious.  One of those quilts that pained me to let go even though I was making it specifically for a gift.

294 blog

I loved it so much I made it again.  This one had slightly different colours, but was equally as rich and luscious.  I gave this one away too.

There were actually no such thing as digital cameras when I took these photos.  Or if there were, they would have been horrendously expensive and huge.  I’m thinking I made these quilts in about 2000, and they remain one of my favourite designs.  Perhaps I’ll have to make it again and keep this one.

Michelle Hill has made many lovely designs since this one, and I encourage you to go and look at her blog for some more inspiration.

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