Sunday, 24 February 2013

Grandmother’s Choice

So last time I posted this photo:


I had only done nine blocks, out of twenty five.  Yay me.

It is on my list of projects to be finished in 2013.  Or if not finished, at least to have a jolly good dent made in it.

So that’s what I’ve been doing.  I’ve decided it’s just too messy to keep getting the red/green/cream repros out of my repro box (es) and so I’ve dug up the whole lot, they are all sitting on my table and I’m just gonna work hard at getting it all done!.

To that end, I present:


Block no. 25, The Carrie Nation Quilt from Grandmothers Choice blog.

Loving this one sick.  Can you see how the fussy cut red squares form a little butterfly in the join?  Totally randomly done, but sweet!

I’ve made a few more this weekend, and I shall present them to you another day.  I’m trying very hard to post more than once a week, though that seems all I can manage at the moment.

All these kids wanting feeding.  There’d be so much more time for quilting if they didn’t want to eat.

Till tomorrow,


(p.s. – I can see I’ve had a mini explosion of followers lately – I’m so glad to see new faces here!  Please let me know where you’re from!)


  1. Oh! your blocks are beautiful, your color choices are perfect

  2. I am fairly new to your blog. Love your work. Terrific applique!
    San Diego, California
    Checked in.