Sunday, 17 February 2013

2013 The Year’s Goals

This year I plan to finish everything I have ever started, and not start another new thing.

Yep.  I’m joking.  I wish I weren’t, I wish I could honestly say that every little thing in the cupboard would be finished by the end of the year but that just isn’t realistic.

Instead my plan is to work hard on a couple of really big projects, those long term ones that have been bothering me but sitting up there on the design wall, mocking me.


This one is so old, it’s not funny.  All it needs is for me to applique some flowers up and down.  It’s one of those ‘didn’t really work’ designs for the shop that never made it to the shelf, but I still have a half made sample that needs doing.


My Grandmother’s Choice blocks.  I’m only about twenty blocks behind.  Dear me.


The very lovely Faceted Jewels quilt.  This one, whilst looking barely done, is quite advanced.  I have lots of it cut out and half pieced.


My little basket quilt.  When I say little, I mean the baskets are little.  I have many, many of these baskets so the overall quilt will probably be huge.  I’ve made all the sashings and nine patches, just have to hand stitch down the handles.  A good night time job.




This delicious little number is high on the list to finish.  I’ve done all the blocks, now I just have to make many little girls.  I do love doing them but the preparation is what takes me the longest.  And then I can sit at night and do them.


Of course, the very lovely Dear Jane.  Whilst I’m not promising this one will be finished by the end of this year, I’m hopeful to put a jolly big dent in the work load of it.


And my Joseph’s Coat quilt.  In precisely the same spot as it was last year, when I did my goals for the coming year.  Let’s see how this year pans out.

So that’s it.  Obviously there will be other things I’m doing along the way, but if I can get most of these off my to do list, it’ll be a huge achievement.  We’ll wait and see. 

Till tomorrow,



  1. They'll all be wonderful quilts when you've finished with them. For the first one shown the shop sample, perhaps turn it on it's side so it has a horizontal orientation and applique the word Perseverance or Determination on it. Both are qualities needed in a quilter and it would be an inspiration for others visiting the shop with the story shared too. LoL.

  2. The quilts will be amazing. I love your choice of colours.