Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Tutorial Tuesday

I've been madly working on my next instalment of Bountiful Bouquet, and as such, sewing has gone out the window for a day or two. 

So in the event of crickets, I promised:

I do a lot of surfing.  You know that.  I've told you before.  I've got a folder filled with bookmarks I may never ever get back to, but I bookmark them Just. In. Case.

There's nothing worse than trying to find something on this big old internet with no chance at all. 

Every day when I get online, I check a few places in my bookmarks.  Two of them are:


You're probably at least familiar with Moda, but the Freebies for Crafters is a fabulous website.  They collate a list of free tutorial websites, and upload them regularly.  Some of them I've known about already, some are new to me.  But they are both totally worth visiting!

But make yourself a cup of something hot.  You may be there a while.

Till tomorrow,


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  1. Thanks for posting the links. I was familiar with Moda but have never seen the Freebies for Crafters. In less than a minute on that site I found a great quilt pattern and tutorial from 3 Dudes Quilting!