Saturday, 17 March 2012

Bountiful Bouquet Month Six

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Requirements List

For each block you will require

one cream fabric for background

five assorted colours for piecing

  • A lead pencil, or a fine ink pen. I don't recommend a wash-away pen because we are going to be ironing over the top of any markings we make

  • General sewing requirements (ruler, board, rotary cutter etc)

  • Light box if you have one

Cutting Instructions

These blocks will measure 6 inches finished (6.5” unfinished) when complete. 

You will need to make seven blocks in total.  These are the cutting instructions for one block.

From background fabric, cut (16) 1.5” squares.

From one coloured fabric, cut (4) 2.5” squares.

From second coloured fabric, cut (2) 1.5” squares.

From third coloured fabric, cut (2) 1.5” squares.

From fourth coloured fabric, cut (4) 1.5” squares .

From fifth coloured fabric, cut (4) 1.5” squares .


Piecing Instructions

On the wrong side of eight of your background fabric squares, draw a light pencil line across the diagonal.


Lay this square with right sides together over the corner of one of the 2.5” squares and stitch on pencil line as shown.


Press back into place


Lay another cream background square with right sides together over remaining corner of 2.5” square and stitch on line as shown.


Press back into place.   Repeat with remaining squares to make a total of four 2.5” units.


Stitch together the two sets of (2) 1.5” coloured squares into a four patch.


Using the remaining cream squares and coloured squares, stitch into four 4-patches as shown.


Using photos below as a guide, stitch the blocks into three rows.



Stitch the three rows into one block that should measure 6.5” UNFINISHED.


Repeat these instructions six more times to make a total of seven blocks altogether.

Stitch the rows together to make one long row measuring 6.5” x 42.5”.

Set aside for now.

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