Saturday, 11 February 2012

Accuquilt blocks

Firstly, thanks so much for all the lovely comments I received about my freebie.  I’m so glad you like it. 

I’m still learning the computer, and I haven’t worked out how to load all the images into one PDF file that will have it print out the right size.  So until I do that, I hope you’ll bear with me and just print out individual sheets.  Unless someone out there knows how I can do it?  Would be very grateful if I could get help in that regard.

Our quilting group meets twice a month, and I was asked if I could show my Go Cutter for a demonstration.   I had nothing to show apart from my apple core quilt, so I figured I’d spend an afternoon cutting a few blocks out and stitch them together as samples.  And it really was just an afternoon.  The Go cutter is a very useful tool for doing stuff quickly, I have to tell you.

So this is what I came up with:


IMG_0362 (2)

IMG_0359 (2)

IMG_0364 (2)

Totally LOVING the bottom one, but of course I only have enough fabric to make four blocks.  So it’ll be a slightly small wall hanging (of course the best blocks are always the ones that you don’t have enough fabric to make bigger – it’s Murphy’s Law).  But because it was so super easy, I think I’ll get some more background fabric and do another one in a bigger size.

Did you know, by the way, that it’s the middle of February and I haven’t brought ANY fabric this year?  Yay me!

So that’s how I spent my week last week, apart from spending HOURS on the computer stuff, trying to upload the freebie.  It’s not the actual freebie that takes the time, it’s the computer mucking about stuff that takes forever.  But I’m learning, so that’s a positive.  Got to keep the little grey cells going, don’t we?

Not totally in love with the flower block but I’ll do something pretty with it, I guess.  I wanted to show how you could cut out with vliesofix already ironed onto the back. 

The ladies in my quilt group seemed suitably impressed (or at least they were polite enough to appear so) and the night wasn’t worth all the angst I’d associated with it (I hate speaking in public and felt a bit ill before I got there!).

Must away now.  Church tomorrow, then hubby has promised some child free time for me – I can’t wait!


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