Tuesday, 24 January 2012

More show and tell

Thankyou everyone for your kind words regarding my little person.  In the way of children, she bounced back within twenty four hours, just in time to pass on a little tummy bug to me.  Generous child that she is.  However, it only lasted about twenty four hours for me too, so hopefully sickness has left our building!  Though with little kids going to child care and school, who knows what the next weeks will bring!

I've been doing - wait for it, shock horror, MENDING!!!  So no time for quilting.  The insult of having to do mending in what should be quality quilting time.  So again, no quilty things to show you.  So why not have a look at some more cross stitch stuff. 

It's funny how you associate certain things with times in your life.  The Jean (oh I've forgotten her last name) Alphabet sampler was stitched when I was sixteen, trying to do my matriculation, whilst juggling a very difficult relationship. 

(don't you wish you could give your sixteen year old self a jolly good talking to??)

The Geisha was the first craft project I brought with my own wages after I got my first adult job.  I remember sitting in my lounge room with my dad.  He's long gone now, but I think of him every time I see this one.

I have a lot of baby samplers.  Babies came late in life to me -and they didn't come easily.  I did the samplers as a way of coping, I think.  Interestingly, neither of my girls has a stitched sampler in their room. 

I enjoy looking at my old stitcheries. 

Till tomorrow, take care


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